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Rockvale Academy is an institution that recognizes the key role that knowledge will play in the social and economic development in the new millennium at the same time recognizing the importance of keeping it`s roots firmly in the Indian tradition in creating and sustaining human culture.

Four Decades of Experience

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1. Click the link for the online admission form, fill and send. You will get a call back from the Admission Cell.

2. The photocopies of the following documents needs to be submitted at the time of admission. The following documents needs to be scanned and sent to or by WhatsApp to Mr. Sylvester Subba @ +91-9434878580
a. Mark sheet from the beginning of the session to any last test / examination appeared.
b. Birth certificate
c. Transfer certificate (In original. If not available, it may be submitted later)
d. Aadhaar card (If available)
e. Character certificate (If available)
f. Passport Photo (1 copy at the time of filling up of admission form)
g. Passport (For foreign students only. In original, at the time of admission)

Note: Foreign students (EXCEPT from Nepal and Bhutan) MUST APPLY for Student Visa before admission. Please visit and download, print and fill up the “Visa Letter Request Form” and send it to us at

3. The documents will be submitted to the Principal for scrutiny and decision to grant admission.

4. On grant of admission from the Principal, Rs. 5000/- seat booking amount to be paid to the bank accounts of the school and the payment information MUST be given by email to or WhatsApp to Mr. Sylvester Subba @ +91-9434878580.
a. Payment Receipt with Admission Number will be generated and conveyed to indicate that admission is confirmed.

5. Inform the Admission Cell the date in which the child will be joining school.

6. On the first day of arrival to the school, meet the staff of the Admission Cell and complete the following formalities.
a. Pay the school fees
b. Pay the text book fees and collect the same
c. Pay the exercise book and diary fees and collect the same.
d. Pay and place order for the school uniform

7. In the case of a child being admitted as a boarder, please refer to the list of items to be purchased
/ brought by the child in the Hostel Brochure.
a. The child to be taken to the Hostel Office to meet the Hostel Administrator / Hostel Superintendent for admission in the hostel.


  1.  (a) Candidates who have been awarded Pass Certificates in the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination with passes in five subjects including English and a second language are eligible to be admitted for preparation in courses of study leading to the Indian School Certificate Examination.
  1.  (b)Candidates who have been awarded Pass Certificates in the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education examination with pass in five subject including English , but without a pass in the second language , may be admitted provisionally to the course. They will be required to pass in the end of XI before being declared eligible for promotion for the Indian Certificate (Year 12 ) Examinations.

      2. (a) The eligibility of candidates who have been awarded pass certificates in a equivalent examination conducted by another Examination Boards will be decided by the Chief Executive and Secretary of the Council. The conditions of eligibility are as follows :

  (i) The candidate must have been awarded a pass Certificate in accordance with the requirements of the Board at an equivalent examinations.

  (ii) The candidates must have obtained pass marks in accordance with the requirement of the Board in a) English b) a second language ( a distinct from English ) and  c) three other written subjects , accepted by the Council.

        2. (b) After obtaining a clearance certificate from the Council , he school may regularize the students in Class XI a candidate who has thus awarded a pass certificate by another examining Board. If the candidate is eligible , the Council will issue an eligibility certificate to the Head of the school concerned in respect of the candidate. The amount for obliging the EC certificate will be borne by the student.

NOTE : The Clearance Certificate shall be granted by the Council on the basis of the mark sheet awarded to the candidate.

        2. (c) A candidate will be provisionally be admitted who has been awarded a Pass Certificate in an equivalent examination conducted by another Board with pass marks in English but without a pass in a Second Language. Such a candidate , however , will be required to pass in the Second Language of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination at the end of class XI before being declared eligible for promotion to Class XII in preparation for the Indian School Certificate will be issued after the candidate has been declared to have passed in the Second Language.

NOTE : The provision does not apply in cases where the Board does not have provision for the teaching of a second language.

         3. Exemption from study of a Second Language Candidates coming from foreign and state Boards that do not have provision for the teaching of a Second Language , may enroll for the ISC (12) examination without having to pass in a Second Language at Class X level Examination.


The hostel is located within the school campus and well connected by road. It is a kilometer short of the main town,


  1.   Accommodation in this hostel is open to both boys and girls up to classes 12. Preference willbe given to those students who are not residents of Kalimpong or whose parents are posted out of town.
  2.  Admission to the hostel will be strictly on ‘first come first serve’ basis.


  1.  Parents of the applicant will be required to submit an undertaking (attached in the back page of the prospectus).
  2.  The application will obtain the declaration from the local guardian as per format attached in the prospectus.
  3. Copies of latest photograph of the applicant. 4. Specimen signature of Local guardian and all approved visitors (not more than three) on plain paper.

Local Guardian and Visitors:

  1.  Every resident’s local guardian will be introduced to the warden-in-charge of the hostel by the parents at the time of admission.
  2.  Parents are also required to introduce other relations in Kalimpong to the hostel management at the time of admission, who may be permitted to visit the applicant. It is essential that the particulars of such relatives are available with the wardens.
  3.  Those who are accepted as residents to the hostel will report to the warden/manager at the hostel office on the date intimated to them.
  4.  Hostel remains closed only during winter holidays. Firm dates of closure will be intimated in advance vide circular/school calendar, which will be available on the Website also.
  5.  The hostel administration reserves the right to deny entry for any visitors into the hostel.
  6. Not more than three persons shall be allowed as approved visitors. Parents any send a notice directly to the manager/warden if they desire any change in the list of approved visitors.
  7.  No guests are permitted to stay in the hostel.

Basic facilities:

 Hot water – Solar water heating system for bathing.

Mobile phones are allowed but only to be used during weekends and holidays.

Laundry – Services of resident washer men are available in the hostel

 Cobbler – Services are available on need basis, 5. | Tailor – Services are available on need basis 6. Barber – Once a month.

7. Medical – Two resident trained nurses available. The school Doctor makes a weekly visit and during emergency.

8. Security – Arrangements round the clock and CCIV cameras are installed.

9. Meals – Hygienic meals provided.

10. Canteen – Available within the complex.

Particulars Timings
Ablution 6:00 – 7:00 a.m
Breakfast 7:15 – 7:30 a.m
Lunch 12.10 – 12.30 p.m
Tea 3.15 – 3.30 p.m
Games/activities 3.30 – 4.45 p.m
Evening Prep. 5.00 – 7:00 p.m
 Supper 7.30 – 8.00 p.m
Leisure time 8.00 – 8.30 p.m
Night Prep. 8.30 – 9.15 p.m.
Lights off 9.30 p.m


Application for withdrawal should be made in writing to the Principal on or before 15th of January i.e. before
the commencement of the new academic session, failing which the Security Deposit will be forfeited. If applications Is received after the above date, the Transfer Certificate will be issued only after full (session and tuition fees) fees is paid upto March.


In case of withdrawal of a child during the academic session, it will be necessary to give two calendar months in writing to the Principal. The balance of the fees from the date of withdrawal will have to be paid before the Transfer Certificate is issued. Exceptions will however be made in case of Govt. employers in a
transferable job. Photostat copy of the transfer order must be attached with the notice. All other deposits
including securing security will be for forfeited.


1. Incase achild fails twice in the same class.

2. Any Boarder withdrawn from the hostel will be deemed to automatically withdrawn from school and
must re-apply against a day scholar vacancy.

3. Students involved in extreme discipline cases (as per the decision of Discipline Committee) will incur automatic expulsion.

4. Students whose fees are in arrears for more than three months will be stuck off the roll of the school.

Note:- In case of any student being withdrawn on any one of the ground above will have all their fees including security deposit forfeited. It case the fees/dues are not paid. Transfer Certificate will not be issued.


GROUP I English , History , Civics & Geography , Second Langauge ( Hindi/Nepali/Bengali/Tibetan)
GROUP II Mathematics, Science (Physics , Chemistry  & Biology
GROUP III Art / Hospitality Management


English English English
Physics Hospitality Management Hospitality Management
Chemistry Mathematics History
Environmental Science Accounts Political Science
Biology / Computer Science Economics Sociology


Examination format for classes Nursery to 1
There will be 5 Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) per subjects of 10 marks. There will be an Annual
Examination for 50 marks. The total of the marks obtained in the CAT and the Annual Examination of each subject is added to arrive at the aggregate; the on which the promotion criteria will be applied.

Examination format for classes 2 to 12 (Except 11)
There will be two Unit Tests (UT1 & UT2) and Two Term End Examination (Half-yearly and Annual Examination). The mark obtained in all of them for each subject will be added and super averaged out of 100%; the basis on while the promotion criteria will be applied.

Examination format for 11
There will be one Unit test (UT2) and one term end examination (Ann…

why choose us

Rockvale Academy

Rockvale Academy, conveniently nestled in picturesque coner of the Kalimpong hills, stands at am altitude of 3000 feet. A pleasant climate adds to the appeal of Kalimpong`s scenic beauty in general but Rockvale Academy is even more blessed, as it affords a changing view of the lush green valley below and the breathtaking spectacle of the mighty Himalayas when not surrounded in mist. The very location of the school is ideally suited for the growth and development of children.

“….a wise man built this house upon a rock; and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon the house; and it fell no, for it was founded upon a rock.”

This is the overall aim of Rockvale Academy; to give the children attending it a firm, solid foundation, one which will allow them to grow in every aspect.

Education is not a preparation for life. Education is life ; children must be exposed to situations which will enable them to fend for themselves, not only in their adult life , nut also to contend with the fear and frustrations, the joy and excitements , of their daily lives. Rockvale Academy aims at encouraging a child to develop to his/her fullest extends ; morally , spiritually , physically , socially and academically.

The need of Kalimpong is a school that is progressive ; Rockvale Academy takes its responsibilities seriously and ensures education in its totality. Rockvale Academy intends to continue and increase its`s efforts to give children a chance to finish with a meritorious ‘ High School Certificate. “

Co-Curricular Activities

Also The school offers a wide range of activities and has attained a high degree of excellence.

The activities offered are Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Quiz, Debate, Elocution, Dance classes(Classical), Music, Intra and Inter-school Fest, Concerts, etc. Round the year the students get to experience activities, which complement academic programmes.

Extensive extra-curricular activities are programmed to infuse in students a sense of discipline and urge to extend their knowledge and develop hidden talents. For the past few years, activities such as Quiz, Debate and Elocution competitions have been taken up seriously and have become extremely popular.

Regular Inter-house tournaments and events are held in all these activities. The competition is fierce and all students and teachers actively try to propel their respective House forward to lift the glittering Inter-house Championship Trophy (exclusively for Co-curricular activities).

In Co-curricular activities Cultural events are also given high priority. The school hosts an Annual Concert alternately for senior and junior sections namely called ‘Sharad Utsav’ and ‘Small Wonder’ respectively. A children’s festival – ‘Rocktober’ includes diverse and interesting activities such as Debate, Quiz, JAM (just-a-minute), Cartoon Making, Antakshanri, Fashion Show, Dance, Music, etc. This gives both the students and staff a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves.

The school publishes two newsletters each year, which captures the happenings in the campus and alumni. One is aptly called the “Rockvale Round Up” and accompanied by an Annual Issue – “The Rockvale Digest.”

The aim of the school is to produce well-rounded personalities who can face the world with confidence.

Rockvale Academy was the District Champion of the AHLIS Schools (Association of the Heads of Listed ICSE Schools) for three consecutive years (2008-2010 & 2017).


  • Modern classrooms supported by independent Audio-Visual units. Modern computer laboratory, with internet facility.

    A comprehensive library well stocked with a wide range of books, regularly updated with journals and newspapers etc is available to students.

    A spacious and modern auditorium and presentation halls to hold seminars, indoor games and concerts.

    An Audio Visual room equipped with educational software to supplement the classroom teaching taste of the students.

    Career counseling four times a year.

    Seminars and study tours.

    Certificate Course in Computer.


  1. Pass Criteria

    For Class 2 to 10, students must pass in English / English Language and can fail in only one subject and pass in the rest.

    For class 11 to 12, students must pass in English and are allowed to fail in upto two subjects only and pass in the rest.

    Pass Marks
    40 – Classes 2 to 5
    33 – Classes 6 to 10
    35 – Classes 11 & 12